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Textexecute still show up in task manager even after I used /exit in windows 10.


Textexecute still show up in task manager even after I used /exit in windows 10.

I recently upgraded my machine to windows10 and testcomplete to 14.  After I coverted my testscript to 14 version. I tried to run it using testexecute command line on windows10 machine with /exit option.  Everything works fine except testexecute is still showing up in task manager.  And system was getting slowly and slowly.  

I also test the command line using windows 7 and testexecute quit without any problem.  

Is there any extra steps I need to prepare for the window10 ?

Thanks !!

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Windows 10 has a different layer of user account security. When the project is "exited", there are certain files that need to be saved and updated.  Is it possible that TestExecute wouldn't exit for that reason?  What happens if, in Windows 10, you run the TestExecute commandline as an administrator?

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Thank your very much for your help.  It turns out after I switch to 64bits testexecute the problem went away.  I was using 32 bits and it works fine on my window7 machine.  

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Great to hear that the issue is resolved, @fujunxu.

Good luck with testing 🙂

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