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Testing across applications

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Testing across applications

Interesting little conundrum!


We have a web app (Neon) which feeds a desktop app (DRS) via some middleware. What I need to do is change some data in the web app and check that it's updated the desktop app. Is it possible to have a 'mixed economy' test where by the test starts in a web app, kicks off the desktop app for assertion purposes and then closes both things?


An alternative is that we have an old Desktop version of Neon, so in theory we could test two desktop apps...if that's any easier!!


Any ideas?






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You can do it if you have installed both TC modules - Desktop and Web.


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OK thanks - that's promising. Yes we have both of those modules installed. What's the process please?





No real "process"... just create your test, calling the functions, methods, etc., against the appropriate applications in the appropriate order.


Prime example from my own work history: eCommerce website + Windows Service to "poll" the site for new orders + desktop application for order fulfillment, all in the same TestComplete project.  Basically, created a test to place an order on the website, check the SQL database for the order retrieval by the web service, then go through the fulfillment process.  Now, I modularized each piece but I just called them in sequence in the same automation project and it worked just fine.


Perhaps you can tell us what you've tried and we can give pointers on how to make it work?


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Hi David,


As Robert replied - no real process, just scripting as usual 🙂

TestComplete references tested objects using the Sys.Process.Object1.Object2... hierarchy.

So, for your desktop application you will have something like Sys.desktopApp.mainForm.textBox1 call and for the web application this will be the Sys.Browser("chrome/ie/firefox/...").page.form.panel1.textBox1 call. And there is no problem to use both these objects within one test in TestComplete.

So, no problem with your scenario.

I would suggest you to record some sample test scenario for both your applications with TestComplete to get an idea of how test code will look like.

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