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Testing QT app with non-standard QT dll names

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Testing QT app with non-standard QT dll names

Hello community,


We have been using TestComplete for many years on .NET apps and now need to use it on a QT app. The QT dlls used by the app are named with a prefix. We cannot easily change this to fulfill the following requirement:


"Qt application modules

Do not rename or modify the following modules of the tested Qt application:

  • QtNGui.dll
  • QtNCore.dll
  • QtNWidgets.dll

Where N is the used Qt version.

TestComplete uses these modules to access objects in the Qt applications. If these modules are renamed or some functions are deleted from these modules, TestComplete will not be able to access objects in tested Qt applications."


This seems like an unreasonable requirement. We are only talking about a file name. Is there a workaround(registry setting, some hidden developer setting, etc) for this besides us changing the qt dll names? 




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Qt is not a popular topic in the Community, so I think it is a good idea to create Support ticket via form in addition to your question here.

I do not have significant knowledge about Qt and thus not sure what was the reason for your developers to use custom dll names, but the idea I have is to ask developers to create (or autogenerate) proxy dlls with required names (so that TestComplete can access them as it expects) and make those proxy dlls to transfer function calls to relevant functions in your custom dlls.

Will this work?


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Hi Alex,

I have created the formal support request with SmartBear. Thanks for the suggestion.


The idea of creating proxy dlls that call into our dlls is interesting but beyond the scope of the problem at hand. I may be wrong but it seems a trivial thing for TestComplete to access these dlls by a different name. The names should not be so deeply ingrained in the code as to make them unreachable from the TestComplete UI. Hopefully they can provide some kind of workaround or patch for us.




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