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Testexecute engine Log are being stored at Recycle bin.

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Testexecute engine Log are being stored at Recycle bin.


We are kepping the TestExecute engine log - Number of Recent log to Keep = 2. We are running our tests every 30 minutes of the day. 

We are seeing that in old TestExecute engine logs are being stored in Recycle Bin .


Why old logs are being stored at Recycle bin? is there a way to remove it automatically ?




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Normal and in fact very safe.

TestComplete do logs and let you set the number of log kept.

After that it delete them


Trash bin is an OS standard function which is associated with the OS delete file function.


So it's not to TestComplete to infer with OS function.


But you can set the trash bin to the size you want and to effectively remove files immediately.

Simply right click on your trash bin and select Properties ..


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They are being sent to the recycling bin because you told TestExecute to only keep the most recent two logs.  So, if you're running every 30 minutes, then every 30 minutes, the oldest log gets deleted so you're left with the most recent two.  Windows doesn't just automatically "delete" files... when the "delete" command is used, it sends it to recycling.

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Thank you BenoitB, tristaanogre! Well-explained.

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