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Testcomplete 15.40 support for Firefox 100.0

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Testcomplete 15.40 support for Firefox 100.0

I have a Windows 11 machine with Firefox 100.00 installed. When running a TestComplete (TC) 14.x project that was upgraded/converted to TestComplete15.40, I am now unable to run the project using FireFox 100 in TC 15.40 using "Browsers.Item(btFirefox).Run(<params>");". However, when running the project using Chrome "Browsers.Item(btChrome).Run(<params>);" it works.


When selecting the "Check for Updates" in Help, my TC 15.40 is up to date.


Is there a patch to support FireFox 100 for TC 15.40? Or is there an know compatibility issue with TC 15.40 and Firefox 100.0.


Thanks in advance.


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I don't see Firefox 100 here yet

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Correct @Marsha_R  - FF 100 is not supported just yet - but an update will be automatically pushed out in the next couple of weeks.


If you absolutely need to test in Firefox currently, using v98 works.





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hi @mikef -- it's been more than a couple weeks.  is there a new ETA ?

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