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TestNG/Selenium - Configure command line params

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TestNG/Selenium - Configure command line params


My project uses a bunch of TestNG +Selenium. I've created custom listener(extends TestListenerAdapter) for improved logging in the project. Listener class name is added to testng.xml. In Eclipse IDE it works fine.

TestComplete ignores testng.xml during tests running and creates its own commad like:
java.exe -classpath ...jar...; org.testng.TestNG -testclass tests.general.Checking -log 2

To use my custom listener in this command the parameter -listener should be added, something like: 

java.exe -classpath ...jar...; org.testng.TestNG -testclass tests.general.Checking -log 2 -listener general.CustomListener

How can I configure TestComplete to use my custom listener?


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 I don't believe that's possible.  The command line information is embedded within the tool and not accessible externally.

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