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TestExecute upgraded, but all I get is "You cannot run CrossBrowserTesting tests in TestExecute."


TestExecute upgraded, but all I get is "You cannot run CrossBrowserTesting tests in TestExecute."

Tests runs fine in TC14.2, also ran fine in TE11.20, but after upgrade I get the above message. I'm testing a Desktop project, but during installation it asked to upgrade Chrome and Gecko drivers and I said yes.


From the

all the old parameters seem to still be valid


"C:\Program Files (x86)\SmartBear\TestExecute 14\Bin\TestExecute.exe" \
"C:\TestAutomation\TestProject\LraTestProjectSuite.pjs" \
/r \
/project:EpicIteration \
/environment:Emulators \
/lrapath:C:\TestAutomation\TestedApp \
/lrapathlocal:"C:\TestAutomation\TestedApp\LraClient.exe \
/appconfig:TestConfigs/Emulators.Local.exe.config" \
/ForceConversion \
/e \
/el:"C:\TestAutomation\logs\2019.11.20_16-01-35 Win7_64\2019.11.20_16-01-35__RefactoredTests.mht" \
/ErrorLog:"C:\TestAutomation\logs\2019.11.20_16-01-35 win7_64\2019.11.20_16-01-35__RefactoredTests.error.log"

Which gives:

"You cannot run CrossBrowserTesting tests in TestExecute."




I get it to work if I start TestExecute and use the GUi to load and then Run, but I have no control with the environment settings I need. So it starts and fails, so it means there must be something with the parameters.


I can run the following, but how can I control my own variables I need to enclose like /lrapath, /lrapathlocal /lrapathbuypass and \lrapathmixed? is it possible to add a json or xml file with this?

Those commandline switches are not recognized by TestExecute or TestComplete.  There is no way, without code, to have the automation recognize those switches.  You can write custom code to read the commandline of TestExecute, find the switches, and operate against them.  I've done it so I know it works.


Alternatively, rather than commandline switches, considering using Storages.INI to create an INI file that contains custom values like this.

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Thanks, after looking this up, I believe storages.INI it the cleanest way to solve this.

I also have a script that parses the setupfile and replace it with the correct values.


Thanks again

We found that the parameter /environmentwas the culprit. We renamed it and then it works fine again.

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