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TestExecute trial license expired without launching test Execute

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TestExecute trial license expired without launching test Execute



We are planning to run our script on remote computer using test execute. Please find the below steps we are following.


1.  Copying the test execute exe(trial) version to the remote PC

Copy-Item "\\NetworkPath\TestComplete\*" -Recurse -Destination "\\DestinationPath" -Force

2. In order to install test execute remotely in silent mode, we are using the instructions mentioned in the link


  1. Run TestExecute installation in response recording mode:

<path_to_installation_package>\TestExecute1410_Release.exe /r


     2. Follow the onscreen instructions and install TestExecute with the needed settings.

The installation program will track the choices you make during the installation and record them to the Setup.iss file in the Windows folder on your system drive.

3. Move the iss file from the Windows folder to the folder containing TestExecute’s installation files.


Since installation has happened first time with manual intervention, Setup.iss file is generated and it is kept with the testexecute setup for installation in silent mode.


We are uninstalling the testexecute in order to have installation in silent mode.


Test Execute was installed in order to generate the setup.iss file.


When with powershell command , we are again trying to install testexceute and launch it. 

It is giving message "Your time-limit license has expired" even though we never launched it


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I believe the time limit is days you've had the product, not days you've used the product. 


Contact Support at this link and they can help you out:

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I have downloaded the testexecute trial set up on the same day only when I was preparing the set up for virtual device.

You're still going to need to contact Support.

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