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TestExecute : store test variable to Project Suite

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TestExecute : store test variable to Project Suite

Can TestExecute be able to store new Test Variable onto Project Suite like how TestComplete did?
Currently, we have multiple Projects that export data into Project Suite and store those data so that other Projects can reuse the same data. 

Our TestComplete works nicely with this feature, but somehow TestExecute cannot save/store new data onto TestExecute Project Suite for other projects to reuse them. 

Any suggestion?



function logData () {

 Project.Variable.newData = (data);

 ProjectSuite.Variable.newData = (data);



This works really well within TestComplete but not TestExecute. 




Good Morning @ApisathS - 


What is the error message you are getting? 

TestExecute is the same run engine as TestComplete the only difference is it does not have the capability to build tests. 


Let me know. 



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Hi @ebarbera,

I am not getting any errors, but when the script ran within TestExecute.

The test data does not save and store into Project Suite Variable like it should like how it is with TestComplete. 

Currently, with the same script that was run within TestExecute. It was successfully run, but new data does not store onto Project Variable

Hope this helps. 

Hi @ApisathS - 


Is this a temporary variable or a persistent variable at the project level?




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Currently set at Persistent Variables. 
Is it supposed to be Temporary Variables?

Didn't think of that. 



@ApisathS - 


No - persistent is the proper type!


Are you running these on the same machine?




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Hi @ebarbera 

Thank You for taking some of your time to answer these questions. 
TestComplete is running on my local laptop, but TestExecute is running through Jenkins jobs that have their own dedicated VDI. 
The code and script are exactly the same, just running on different machines. 


My coworker and I tried two different Laptops within TestComplete. That's working just fine. 

Not sure why TestExecute is giving us some hard time storing test data once it's generated from the script. 




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Any other suggestion or solution you might have seen?

@ApisathS What version of TestComplete and TestExecute are you using?  Did you happen to update recently?  Your version numbers between the two need to match.

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Hi @Marsha_R 

We haven't update the latest version yet. 
We are still using 15.0.379 for both TestComplete and TestExecute 
In Jenkins, the TestExecute has /SilentMode is on as well. 

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