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TestExecute fails every region checkpoint on VM


TestExecute fails every region checkpoint on VM



I am running tests on a VM using TestExecute. I am running it at the same resolution as the main test machine I use to create them. And all browser settings are the same. The comparisons also look the same.

I am not sure what else to check.

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Different OS?  Different color settings?

Image comparison checkpoints are NOTORIOUS for being imprecise.  When doing the checkpoint, the log should show a "mask" showing, in red, the different pixels.  Anything stand out?  Is there a "date" or "time" on screen that is different each time?  Lots of things could cause a difference... even if everything is exact, there's always a little bit that's off...

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Yes, its hard to make image comparison robust and reliable. But still achievable.


Some hints:

- create region reference image on the same computer the test run

- use mask

- use pixel and color tolerance

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I guess you have a different color depth or windows themes.

So, the region checkpoint doesn't lie. Pictures are really different.

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Thank you Community for great suggestions here.


@kylegogtp were you able to solve this using the suggestions? Please share.

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I haven't been able to try yet. I started moving tests to TestExecute because of my other issue I posted about chromium edge. The VM still had the "legacy" edge. I reinstalled windows on my test machine and have been getting the tests to work on the original machine again.

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Thank you for the update @kylegogtp , keep us posted and the Community will see how esle we can help.

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