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TestExecute Tests using Batch file - how to stop the execution when there are environment errors .

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TestExecute Tests using Batch file - how to stop the execution when there are environment errors .

Need advice/Recommendation to avoid false errors.

Here we are running our several testing using batch files and task scheduler. Our test run every hour of the day. But sometimes our tests fails due to firefox browser crashed, or error coming from OS - memeory management console error.

We are looking for ways to stop the execution of tests as soon as those errors occurs. If we have errors outside the Testcomplete we want to stop the execution of tests.


Any updates


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Here's a place to start.  What you want is to have the test stop gracefully just as if you were running it in TestComplete.  That will let TestExecute stop the same way.

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Thanks a lot Marsha!


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Thanks for the updates.


Actually I need the solution - turn off Task scheduler - As we are running our tests for every 30 minutes of the day. If the tests fails due to some reasons then we got lot of notifications . The tests will run again and the again it will fail. So we want to turn off task scheduler .



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Does any one have idea how we can turn off task scheduler . For e,g We have batch file which contain the command to run several projects . If the project start giving error we want to turn off task scheduler or stop executing the bacth file further 


Please update 





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