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TestExecute Freeze Up

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TestExecute Freeze Up

I am having an issue with TestExecute freezing up when running testing overnight. It occurs most nights but never in the same spot. The application I am testing is a desktop app built using ReactJS / Electron.


Here are the details:

  • When the freeze up occurs, TestExecute stops responding and is stuck.
  • The desktop app itself is not frozen. I can perform normal use of the desktop app and it responds. 
  • The PC is not frozen. I checked Task Manager and no apps shows high CPU or memory usage.
  • I have enabled Freeze Diagnostics in TestComplete but that is not kicking in, probably because the app itself does not appear frozen.
  • When I close the desktop app, TestExecute starts responding again.

The last action performed before the freeze up was a TAB out of a field on the screen. Here is what the log shows. Note: the vbscript error occurs AFTER I close the desktop app. 




Any ideas what is going on or suggestions on how to better troubleshoot this?


I find it very strange that closing the desktop app "unfreezes" TestExecute. That would lead me to think the desktop app is frozen but that is not the case.

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Does the test run properly using TestExecute during the day? There might be some other overnight process affecting it.


Does the test run properly using TestComplete directly? There may be something that can be adjusted in TestExecute.

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We have 5 different PCs running dozens of tests on this same desktop app each night. Typically, at least 1 of them freezes up overnight but it could be any of them running any test. There is nothing consistent about where it freezes up.


I have done the same testing during the day and will also have freeze ups so I don't think it has anything to do with some unknown overnight process.

Have you done the same test directly from TC?

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Yes, all the time. And it is rarely the same test or same line that freezes up.

So it always runs successfully in TestComplete and only freezes up in TestExecute?

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I don't typically run the entire suite of tests using TestComplete. I will run individual tests all day long as I am troubleshooting them or creating new tests.


I might try running the whole suite using TestComplete, just to see what happens, but I don't expect something different. And, I might have to do it multiple times before getting the freeze up.

We don't know for sure that the problem is TestExecute unless we know how it runs in TestComplete. 



I would create Support ticket (via the form) and ask their recommendations on how to use their Report Generator tool (provided with both TC and TE) to get dumps of your tested application and TestExecute which (dumps) might help them to figure-out the reason of the problem and, hopefully, fix it.


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Is there anything in Tracing Exceptions, Crashes and Freezes - Overview, that is able to help you? 


"It is quite possible that the tested application stops responding to user actions and to the operating system’s messages. This may cause your tests and TestComplete to hang. A typical example of the situation is when you test an Open Application, call the application’s internal method from your script code or keyword test, and the method never returns a result (for instance, it goes into an infinite loop). In this case, TestComplete also gets hung up, because it waits for the method’s result and does not proceed with the test execution." - could it be ReactJS / Electron control not responding correctly? 

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