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TestExecute Commandline run fail

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TestExecute Commandline run fail

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Hi have the following problem. I call TestExecute from
within FinalBuilder 5, indicating the project path, project name, unit and
function to run. A window is displayed showing that testexec is opening, and
then immediately it shows a message that testexecute is closing. The following
error message is reported.

There was a fatal error. Script unable to be run.

C:\Program Files\Automated QA\TestExecute 7\bin\TestExecute.exe
"c:\DevDocs\Auto Builds\Tests\Automation\v1.6.2_int\_Source\Tests\Automation\Automation.pjs"
/run /project:Automation.pjs /unit:MainRun /routine:BeginSweeps /exit

(See the TestComplete log for details.)

The following error data was logged by TestComplete:

01/02/2010 11:55:42:432   Tried to open the YES/NO dialog. Message: A
new version of the product is available: 7.52.678.11.

Would you like to learn more about it on AutomatedQA's Web site ?. The default
value: NO.

I switched the update check off, but it still fails with this error. Why?

If I specify that Testcomplete should be used, the same happens. TestComplete
will open and then immediately close.

What is funny is that if I call TestExecute without the run parameter, it will
open and load the script without any errors. Then, if I manually start
testexecute script run, it runs fine without any errors. Only if I try and run
TestExecute using the run parameter do I get a problem.


C:\Program Files\Automated QA\TestExecute 7\bin\TestExecute.exe "c:\DevDocs\Auto
/run /project:Automation.pjs /unit:MainRun /routine:BeginSweeps /exit



You use the /project key incorrectly. You should pass the project name to it, not the name of the project suite file. Projects are shown in TC's Project Explorer - they're direct children of the project suite node.

TestComplete Customer Care Engineer

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