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TestComplete will not pass test after system reboot.


TestComplete will not pass test after system reboot.

So I have been building tests with Test Complete for a few months and I have found that after building a test and proofing it out over 10 test runs or so it will pass without issue. But when I restart the control the next day and sometimes just later that day the test will not pass as it will not find buttons and other preprogrammed tasks. Currently, I'm having to spend time reworking all of my tests. Is the fix as simple as what I have seen here?


I'm going to start going through this and testing it, but I see a lot of these questions in this forum so I guess I'm not alone. 


we need more information. are you testing on web apps? did you configure the browsers so that it doesn't auto update along with the other preparation settings? are you using object oriented actions, or unintentionally using coordinate based actions? do you see the object name mapping change alot with frequent "object not found" errors? do the object names frequently end in random or sequential alphanumeric characters? if you do see that the name mapping changes frequently, are you using the self healing mode? which may also change name mapping in an unintended way... need screenshots of your code/keyword tests, name mapping, object under test, etc.


the video you linked is for dynamic name mapping objects. if that's your problem, it could really be as simple as  that. 

Justin Kim

desktop application, one program running the same task over and over. 

I have had similar issues. Sometimes test works perfectly, sometimes not .

Biggest issue was poor or missing name mapping. I fixed namemapping and test where much much reliable. Other thing is timing. Some operations take sometimes more time than usually (windows is doing something on background etc). For example in my test I preview report and then try to close that preview. Usually one report takes 2-3 seconds  but sometimes it can be 10 secs. 
I don't know if that helps, but these are my experiences. My apps are written in Delphi 2007.  

Jeemly - Dream Big
SmartBear Alumni (Retired)

Hi @CGilbert , we have a nice article in our documentation about this feature. Please double-check that you have set everything up as described here.

Let me know if this helps!

Sonya Mihaljova
Community and Education Specialist


Thank you, I am able to do that part of it, the part that I am finding the trouble is that after I build my test which will run flawlessly 5 to 10 run cycles without failing, I leave for the day and shut down my test station when I come in the next day it will not be able to find some object throughout the test. I need to reselect the objects and spend more time flushing out the issues. It does not happen with every test, but enough to where it is very time comsuming. 


I find the documentation to be very well writen and easy to understand, I am able 4 months into my journey so I seem to be finding things are more with just my understanding than the overall use of the product. 


Thank you. 

I have signed up for all the trainings I could find on this topic so I will close this thread and call it another success. 

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