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TestComplete turned 20 today! Let’s celebrate!

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TestComplete turned 20 today! Let’s celebrate!

Hello all,
Happy new year 2021 with TestComplete!Happy new year 2021 with TestComplete!
Twenty years ago, TestComplete was created to help software professionals ensure the quality of any application. And, thanks to your continued business, and this community’s innovative ideas, TestComplete continues to be one of the world’s most popular testing solutions, year after year.
At SmartBear, we share your passion for the continuous delivery of high-quality software, and we thank you for helping TestComplete reach this milestone.
Want to learn more about how TestComplete came to be and its growth over the years? Check out our latest episode of The SmartBear Founders Series?
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Hi Sergei,


Oh, twenty years, indeed...

Thank you a lot for this reminder. 🙂


Just found in the archive the installer of AQtest 1.52 dated May 2002.

I did not know that AQtest was released in 2000. Now I know. 🙂

It was interesting to listen the video with you. You mentioned Atanas Stoyanov and AQtime. Actually, MemProof and then AQtime, were first products by AutomatedQA that I started with. And then it was AQtest (which became TestComplete in 2002 or 2003). Great product and much more usable/user-friendly when compared with Mercury of that days.

Time goes by so fast. I remember our talk and Atanas's initial plans as for the options to open development office in Ukraine. Soon after that AutomatedQA became SmartBear and these plans were cancelled.

I thought about it and I am sure that I can say huge thank you as a company for your products and your attitude to users. It is a matter of fact that thanks to AutomatedQA/SmartBear and AQtest/TestComplete my professional career went its current way. It were early 2000-th when I was shifting from pure development to field engineering, customer support/consultancy and testing. And TestComplete and, some time later, AQdevTeam and AutomatedBuildStudio, were the products that made a significant influence on my career path.


Twenty years is a really recognizable age for the software product and the company and, on the eve of New Year, I would like to use this occasion and wish you, all your guys and the company as a whole to manage all complexities that, alas, exist in the modern software industry for the tools like TestComplete and preserve this great product for users over the next decades.


Thanks for this interview to all SmartBear's staff, happy New Year and have a great holiday season!




  /Alex [Community Hero]
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Kudos Team!

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