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TestComplete tests missing from Test Explorer in Visual Studio 2017

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TestComplete tests missing from Test Explorer in Visual Studio 2017

Hi All,

Hopefully this isn't a repost, I seem to have lost my previous post.  I did search for this issue in the community before posting and there were similar posts, but nothing that was ever resolved.

The Test Explorer in Visual Studio isn't showing my TestComplete tests, but it does show other tests that are part of the test project in VS.


My Setup:

- VS 2017

- TestComplete 12.42

- TestComplete VS Integration installed and seems to be working.


-  VS doesn't seem to be able to recognize TestComplete tests that are part of the sol'n in VS. I suspect it's something specific about TestComplete because it does recognize my other unit tests in VS.


Attached screenshot:  Test Explorer window in VS 2017, along with the TestComplete project that should be recognized.

Thanks! Any advice or tips are greatly appreciated.

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I have been through the steps.  Right now as a workaround I'm going to try setting up the TestComplete tests  in Visual Studio as generic tests that run them through command line arguments.  Those test types do show up in the TestExplorer.

Solution Update: I got a reply from Support and it is still a known issue in the latest version of TestComplete (will be fixed in the next release).  The workaround/fix is quite simple and the steps are outlined in the article linked below.  Hope this helps anyone with this issue in the future!

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