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TestComplete support for automating REST API


TestComplete support for automating REST API

Hi folks,


I have to automate REST API's using TestComplete. According to a previous thread REST-web-services, there was no support for automating REST API's at that time. I could not find it the current documentations.


Is it still not available in the latest versions of TestComplete?




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the member access token is the access token required for our specific API.  which goes in the headers for the request.

Some of our rest api requires both a member access token as well as a higher level access token  which goes in the header as well if it's not empty. "method" would typically be either POST or GET.


the "message" is the actual  string / function that you're calling (but not including the endpoint) for example  "/public/rest/login "



the form data is the data for the message, which could be empty if you're passing everything in the actual message or might have some meaningful data in it for example for the login case it might be:








 Hi Collin,


I am also trying to update Test Case result in VSTS using REST APIs. I have identified the REST APIs but I am struggling with the Authentication part of it. Could you please help me with that.

Let me know the info you need.


Best Regards,


Hi Yusuf,




Ah, got it - you like to use VSTS API to do something in VSTS unattended...

In this case you need to read the documentation for VSTS API. And, maybe, talk to your network admins to figure out how it is setup in your company. Most probably it is integrated with your domain, so you will need to make a call to some authentication service to get a token and use the obtaibed token for subsequent API calls.

As I suggested, recording of http traffic that is generated when you do required action from VSTS UI manually may help.



As it has already been mentioned, SoapUI ( is much more handy and functional for API testing and is integrated with TestComplete.

If you need to use TestComplete for your API testing, then (unless the tested API is appropriately documented) I would recommend to use some http-recording tool (Fiddler, for example) and record the traffic that is generated when you access this or that API method manually (e.g. using Swagger or a regular browser). Then you need to consider the recorded traffic to understand what parts of it should be parameterized and code it.


Note 1: Depending on your API design, you may be required to call some authentication mathod first to get that authentication token that must be used in subsequent calls. Or provide authentication info (login/password) for every API call.


Note 2: Consider the aqHTTP object that was introduced in TestComplete since the thread was started.


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