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TestComplete recording incorrect button


TestComplete recording incorrect button

I have recorded successfully 153 other tests on a software. The next few tests, I record the same way as before, except TestComplete plays back the wrong button even though the visualizer displays correctly. Instead of enacting the Next Step function, it enacts the Previous Step button. Visualizer and script do not match.

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What version of TestComplete are you running?  Did you upgrade it recently?


Did your application under test change lately?


Do your older tests still run the way they did before?

I'm running version Version: 15.40.421.7 x64.

There have been no changes in the code for the software I am testing.

Older tests still run as before with no problem.

Sorry, clicked the wrong button, I know you don't have a solution yet!


Are you clicking the button by coordinates or by object name?

I hope this helps to further explain the situation.

I am clicking buttons most likely by object name, the same as I have done on the other 153 tests on this specific software. I used object spy on the particular field in question.




The specific button is the "Next Step" button on the bottom right. That is where I positioned the object spy.

What happens is one of the following:

1.  If no other travelers are listed, then playback clicks the "Previous Step".

2.  If Traveler 2 Information has been added, the playback clicks "-Remove Traveler"

Both scenarios record a failure.




It's frustrating when you hit a roadblock like this after so many tests work, but it happens to all of us at one time or another!  Congrats on getting to 153!


Let's see the object spy results for all three of the buttons please.



The object spy captures seem to be generic and the same.




Here's an example of one prior to this one that recorded the specific name of the button correctly.

It is difficult to understand why it records the correct button name on previous recordings, but here it does not. I am now having the similar problem on another product where I select a "No" radio button, but SmartBear records and plays back the "Yes" button. Frustrating.




So, if I should feel lucky that I got 153 tests on a single software recorded, should I be equally satisfied that I have a total of 162 across 8 other software products? Is there a limit to the amount of recording I can do?



There is not a limit of tests. The number of tests you do has no effect on when you might need help getting one to work, that's all.


Do you have any previous test where these specific buttons were working?


For Object Spy, I was looking for the results on this screen on the three buttons 





Glad to hear there are no limits.

Yes, I have 153 previous tests on this same software where everything is working.

Is there possibly another Property that should be enabled or disabled in the Object Spy? See the last one for Next Step Button. Some aspects are called 'Button", some are called "Next Step".


For the Remove Traveler button


For the Previous Step button


For the Next Step button





Is this the first time you are using these three buttons in a test?


It looks like you are using Property Checkpoint in the screenshots?  Here's what I meant by Object Spy



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