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TestComplete "freeze" when I try to highlight an object that doesn't exist anymore


TestComplete "freeze" when I try to highlight an object that doesn't exist anymore

Hi, I'm currently using TestComplete 12.1 lastest update, and I'm experiencing a bug with the Object Spy function.


I use the Objetc Spy quite often, and on my application, when you navigate in it, some objects can be destroyed, and recreated later.


If I use the "Object Spy" on an object, then I navigate on my app (the object displayed in Object Spy no longer exist and has been destroyed), if I click on "Highlight on screen" on Object Spy, I get stuck with no popup dialog, and everything get "freezed".

I've managed to bypass this issue by clicking on the TestComplete icon to bring eveything in focus, and then pressing the key "Enter".

It's like if there is a invisible popup in front of TestComplete, and pressing enter closes it...



Is this normal ? Thank you.

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It's possible that the dialog that is "invisible" is off the screen.  I've seen this happen especially when going from a multiple monitor system to a single monitor system or where screen resolutions have changed.


I think you can correct this by restoring desktop docking or increasing your screen resolution to see if the dialog is in another window.

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Yes, that was it, mainly because I'm using test complete on a virtual machine with multiples screens.

I've managed to bring back on screen the popup.

Sorry for the inconveniance.

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