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TestComplete keeps losing mapping of objects


TestComplete keeps losing mapping of objects

I am using the full version of TestComplete and when I setup a test I will get the object setup once when it has been recorded. However, the next time I run the test often times the test will lose the mapping of the same object.


For example I enter a button click the system maps it to buttonkeep in namemapping. However, I will go back with new information with a new set of data that will use the same button click and that click no longer works and the error says the buttonkeep could not be found. I will then remap it and it will go from something like buttonkeep to buttonkeep4.


Something is causing the Testcomplete not to find the mapping of the buttonclicks.

I have found similar problems with other mapping issues.


Yes, it will continue doing this because your application keeps changing the name of the object.   Test Complete is working as expected.  You have to teach TestComplete what is acceptable, which is what buttonkeep* would do.


Here's the link to contact Support directly.  They will be able to assist you further.



Thank You for your assistance. I have a support request in which was filed this morning. They also refer to the community so I thought if I could get the help here I would give this a shot too and see whether we could solve this faster.

I know you don't like to share your code here but it is very difficult to see what you might be doing wrong without actual screenshots.  Support has more secure ways to be able to do that.  

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Hi @Largent803 ! Looks like you replied straight to the notification email.

Please copy the text of your reply and post it to the forums directly, thank you!

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