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TestComplete integration with TestRail

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TestComplete integration with TestRail


I am using TestRail to manage my Test suites and I am using TestComplete to perform automation testing of my application.

TestComplete allows to set log defects to JIRA. But does it provide any kind of API or Plugin which can help me to integrate TestComplete execution result to TestRail ? I mean is there any way in which I can update my test case result directly from TestComplete ?


Chandresh Parmar
Chandresh Parmar | QA Engineer
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The functions are working but I would like to add more functions like adding runs or users.


I tried to get results for getTest for a test run but when I try to output the result it is always blank.


I believe the results are in JSON, but how does one handle the JSON result and output the result in Test Complete.

Hello , I am trying to implement the TestRail API in TestComplete as well.

Can you share how you compiled the TestRail dotnet project with JSON? 

Hello I am using this code to try out TestRail integration myself, however I'm having difficulties handling the object returned from TestRail. 


Currently the only way I am able to retrieve data is using the methods you described:


var caseId = jobject.Item('case_id').Value_2.m_value;
var runId = jobject.Item('run_id').Value_2.m_value;


Any way I try to read the data or keys outside of these two lines, I get an empty string.


so a few questions:

1) What type of object is this? (I originally thought JSON but I am unable to use JSON properties to convert to javascript object)

2) Where does "Value_2.m_value" come from?

3) How can I get the keys for 'Item(<key>)' for all items of this object?


Thank you!


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