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TestComplete import testscenario from Selenium

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TestComplete import testscenario from Selenium

 Maybe this sounds ridicilous, yet at the same time, is there somekind of approach to change over/import/hack selenium test situation to get take a shot at TestComplete? I ask this, in light of the fact that my manager requesting that I discover a way, we are utilizing Selenium, however our client need us to give him TestComplete contents, so we dont need to purchase permit for 1 client and I havent discover any yet and belive there is no... possibly im missing something? Much appreciated you and have a decent day.

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Would please elaborate what you trying to archive?


If some scenarios are already in Selenium you may run those using TC as per this document 


I guess you are a training organization and would like to train your client without having buying licence. if so you can get evaluation licence free for one month. (it reminds me  this teacher)



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As it was already answered by @NisHera, it is not possible to import (migrate) Selenium tests into TestComplete because these two tools have quite different architecture, concept, internal implementation, language and dependencies.

Selenium tests can be executed from TestComplete as a part of TestComplete test. Though you should be aware and consider that:

-- TestComplete just spawns execution of Selenium tests to the specified runtime engine and logs it console output without any additional or special control of execution flow;

-- Like for the regular Selenium test, you will have to provide all infrastructure and dependencies required by your Selenium test which may significantly complicate and increase the size of your TestComplete project;

-- Due to the nature of Selenium tests, they are atomic, assertion-based and require browser launch on test start and termination on test end. This means that it is impossible (without obscured for support tricks), for example, to perform some test steps using already existing Selenium code, then continue with TestComplete and return back to Selenium.


And yes, you are welcome to install TestComplete 30-day evaluation (, try the scenarios that you are interested in and ask here a questions if any.

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