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TestComplete compatibility with some Softwares

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TestComplete compatibility with some Softwares

Hello Community,


I am in process of evaluating TestComplete to test my Windows based application. As a part of evaluation I am investigating the compatibility of TestComplete with some softwares. I went through the official documentation but could not find anything concrete about it. Can someone please let me know if TestComplete is compatible with following softwares:


SQL Server 2012, 2014, 2016, 2017 and 2019

Microsoft Office 2010, 2103, 2016 and 2019.


Any help will be highly appreciated, also it would be awesome if you could tell me the source of information.






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Compatible to do what?  


You can connect to Microsoft SQL Server databases this way


You can work with Microsoft Office files this way

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Hi Marsha-R,


Thanks for your reply.


The requirement is that we have a desktop application that needs to be automated. This Application interacts with SQL Server for Database operations. The Application supports all the SQL Server as mentioned above and we need to test the application with all the mentioned SQL Server versions installed on the machine.


So want to check if TestComplete would support testing these versions and the scripting would be able to interact with all the mentioned versions of SQL Server.


Same goes with Microsoft Office point. All these Microsoft versions would be installed on machines and then tested with TestComplete through automation. So need to check if TestComplete would be able to interact with all these versions. 


Please let me know if any more details are needed. I will be happy to provide


Thanks in Advance!


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