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TestComplete built-in tool for creating documentation (Javascript)

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TestComplete built-in tool for creating documentation (Javascript)


In our project we have already created a lot of scripts and there will be a lot more. And in the same time the amount of peolple working on that project is increasing, that's why we need to create documentation for our tests. 

Is there any tool in TestComplete for creating documentation for tests written in Javascript? Tool that will automatically generate JSDoc-files is needed. Any answer will be appreciated. Thanks.

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It's not built in to TestComplete.  However, the JavaScript files themselves are plain-text script files that using third-party JavaScript tools will work just fine.  You just need to point the tools to the files.

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Thank you for your reply. The problem is that our security system is too strict and it's really a problem to install third-party software. Ok, I'll try to get necessary permissions to do that.

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