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TestComplete Tabbing does not work with my application


TestComplete Tabbing does not work with my application



I have a .NET based desktop application I am testing with some simple textbox fields inside of it. When I run the application manually (without testcomplete) I am able to use the tab key to go to the next text field. However, when I run the application inside testcomplete such as when I am recording the test, the tab key no longer works as it should during recording. This is a problem because this is how we test if a value is out of the desired range. If the min value is 0 and one puts in -1, then the form does not allow you to tab to the next field.


Does anyone have any ideas on how I could fix this or any work around suggestions?




> 2) The operation in the keyword test is Keys yes.

Just a wild guess: if the parent of the .Keys() method is something else but the control you need to press a Tab key for, change the operation/code so it used this control and check if it helps.

Some pseudocode to illustrate:

var form;

var control1 = form.control1;

var control2 = form.control2;


form.Keys('[Tab]'); // <== if test contains something like that change it to control1.Keys('[Tab]');


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Hi Alex,


Thanks for the suggestion, but unfortunately I tried that and it did not work.

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