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TestComplete: Store name mapping images in a different folder

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TestComplete: Store name mapping images in a different folder

When using Name mapping it builds up a library of all objects that were found. For each and every item it stores a picture in the Images folder. We find these images usefull when debugging a failed test, for this reason we want to keep those images. 


Currently they are situated in the TestComplete folder, but they take up a large portion of MBs (42) vs 7MB for the rest of the TestComplete project. Therefor we want to be able to store them in a different folder outside the TestComplete project (relatively to the project) so that it is not taken into account. When it is saved outside the TestComplete folder we can copy the folder (without the images) and publish it as an artifact in our Release pipeline in Azure DevOps. (7 MBs instead of 42, saves time and disk space). 


Is this possible? I only saw an option to turn the saving of the images on and off and store them in a different format. 


We are using TestComplete 14.93

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I don't see anything in the documentation about that, but you can ask Support directly at this link:

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