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TestComplete QT support deprecated??


TestComplete QT support deprecated??

We are being told by the TestComplete support team that support for the latest version of QT is not coming.  We have been using TC for a decade and they have fully supported all the versions of QT we have used over this time.  Now all the sudden we are ready to upgrade to the latest QT version and we are told Smartbear is going to kick us to the curb.    We have thousands of man hours at this point invested in our automation and to make a change at this is going to be painful.    QT is not a small operation and is quite prevalent in the desktop world and I don't think they are going away anytime soon.  Smartbear's 2021 state of testing report showed an increase in desktop application testing year over year so although web testing is increasing I hope they are aware Desktop apps are not going away


So if you use QT or use TC to test a desktop application please go like this request as away of support the group of us out here testing desktop applications




SmartBear Alumni (Retired)

Hi Brian, thanks for reaching out, 


Qt 6 support is planned for Q1 of 2022. 







May I know which TestComplete version will QT 6 support and whether it is still planned for Q1 2022 as mentioned above.

Hi @jannahz 


I believe the next release (15.4) will support this 


It is currently planned this month 




Thank you for the update. Going into more detail, may I know which specific version of QT 6 will be supported in Test Complete 15.4?


We are planning to upgrade to QT 6. It will be good to have this information before we are upgrading.

Hi @jannahz 


I dont have a specific QT6 version. 


What I do know is in the release due this month, it will extend our support to QT6 such that we can do all of the things we currently do for QT v.5.0-5.12


Hope that helps 



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