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TestComplete Q&A Topics (8.23)


TestComplete Q&A Topics (8.23)

Here are a few Q&As from our Academy 101 session (Aug. 23rd). If you would like to join our next session, you can register here: 


Q: How do you do a checkpoint that appears when you hover over an gif image and appears as a callout but disappears as soon as the mouse leaves hovering state on that image ?

A. Hard to explain with words, but it can be done. Similar to hovering over menus. You may need to go into scripting mode.


Q: how to make compare between dbtable with a grid?

A. Use a database checkpoint:


Q: how to check for negative scenarios using Test Complete?

A. Negative Testing:


Q: is it possible to handle captcha using testcomplete?

A. TestComplete cannot read captchas on the fly, and if it could, it would defeat the purpose of captchas (which is to make sure that a human is typing into the application, not an automated script). I would recommend asking the developers to freeze just the captcha if you want to automate tests involving that.


Q: Is there a plugin I can use to help test the data and text within a PDF?

A. No plugin needed, but the testability of a PDF for TestComplete depends on how the PDF was generated. If it was generated with exposed text elements, then TestComplete will be able to pick up those. If it's encrypted or just an image contained in a PDF, TestComplete may not be able to detect the data/text. 


Q: Project scripting language - what would you recommend? C# or JScript? And can it be changed later in the project?


A. Whichever one you're more comfortable with. Once you select a scripting language for a project, you cannot change it later.

SmartBear Alumni (Retired)

A couple of notes:


Q: Is there a plugin I can use to help test the data and text within a PDF?

You can also use the PDFBox library to read the PDF file contents programmatically. Here's an example:



Q: Project scripting language - what would you recommend? C# or JScript? ...

Just FYI, C#Script != C#. If you want C#-like syntax use JavaScript.


C#Script is a (legacy) version of the (now legacy) MS JScript engine that uses square bracket syntax instead of dot notation, that is: object["property"] instead of It's a limited-purpose language, not a general-purpose one. C#Script should not be used for new projects.

Helen Kosova
SmartBear Documentation Team Lead
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