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TestComplete German Language

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TestComplete German Language

My Europe counterpart has been using German language at her laptop while performing TestComplete KeywordTest recording. She saved a string variable which consist of single quote and backslash.

The test failed due to the single quote and backslash had become something else (different symbol) while playing back the test item.

The test execution only returned the expected single quote and backslash if she changed her laptop language to English.

However, her other string variable became something else since the English keyboard returns different character compared to German keyboard character, and the test failed too.

Can TestComplete switch the language (not the script language) according to the current keyboard language?

If not, what would be the workaround?

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Try to read the documentation for .SetLocaleInfo() and .SetKeyboardLayout() methods of the aqEnvironment object.

Maybe they appear to be relevant to your problem.


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Hi @jaschong,


If the issue persists, I recommend that you contact our TestComplete Support Team so that we could try to reproduce the issue in our test lab and fix it. You can reach out to them here:

Tanya Yatskovskaya
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