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TestComplete/Execute extension fail to work

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TestComplete/Execute extension fail to work

Chrome version 63.0.3239.108

TestComplete version: 12.42.3048.7 x64


We have installed new testcomplete and testexecute, due to email about corrupted extension about 3 weeks ago.

Today extensions stopped working, on some of our machines. Smartbear test extension seems to be corrupted again.

After adding extension folder (using drag and drop) 

C:\Program Files (x86)\SmartBear\TestComplete 12\x64\Bin\Extensions\tcCrExtension

to chrome, every time chrome is launched pop-up show up with information:

"disable developer mode extensions"appear.

TestComplete/Execute still don't "see" chrome.



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I just tried same version of Chrome and TC 12.42 and it's working on my end.  So, this is probably something a bit more complex.  Please contact SmartBear support directly. 

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I am waiting for SmartBear support response, but strange thing is that re-installing TestComplete didn't help. This time chrome extension is not installed at all and we are not able to add id manually using this manual:

Because there is no such file as "tcCrExtension.crx" in TestComplete folder...

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