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TestComplete Evaluate Statement function equivalent

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TestComplete Evaluate Statement function equivalent

Does TestComplete have an Evaluate function equivalent?

What I'm trying to do is build a string then execute it as a function call.

So for example, if I have a function called "Start_Application" which takes two parameters, path and mode, I've built a string that looks like this

FunctionCall = "Start_Application" & "(" & Path & "," & Mode & ")"

Then I want to run:


Set Err = Evaluate(FunctionCall) which would be the equivalent of doing Set Err = Start_Application("C:\Test.exe",0)

Is there a way to do this?
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Yes, TestComplete has an evaluate function.  In fact, I use it frequently.  My code example below is DelphiScript but it should give you an idea of the capability.

        Document := Sys.OleObject(XML_DOM_OBJECT);

        Document.Load(BaselineDirectory + EVENT_TICKET_HOLD_BASELINE + VarToStr(Self.MessageID) + '.xml');

        Log.Message(BaselineDirectory + EVENT_TICKET_HOLD_BASELINE + VarToStr(Self.MessageID) + '.xml loaded.');

        //Create object for result

        Log.Message('Attempting to create XML node: ' + MESSAGE_EVENT_TICKET_HOLD + VarToStr(Self.MessageID));

        XML.CreateXML(MESSAGE_EVENT_TICKET_HOLD + VarToStr(Self.MessageID), Document);

        //Compare! Easy peasy.

        Comparison := Evaluate('XML.' + MESSAGE_EVENT_TICKET_HOLD + VarToStr(Self.MessageID));

        Comparison.Options.IgnoreNodeOrder := True;


Now, I don't think you can use Evaluate to evaluate a function, only an object.  However, if you want do do a function call, you can do something like this.

        Result := ODT.Classes.New('eGalaxyMessage');

        Result := Runner.CallMethod('ODT' + aMessageType + 'Message.AddObjectSpecificProperties', Result);

Hope this helps!

P.S. Hi, gang!  I'm back... been away too long...

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Use the Eval or Execute function to do this. These functions are standard VBScript functions.

In general, TC doesn't have a special function for this, but you can use native functions of the scripting language you are using.

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