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TestComplete Error - Cannot find the path specified

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TestComplete Error - Cannot find the path specified

I have created new project suite and so project - added 4 scripts and libraries. When I ran the project I got the following error as shown below 


C:\Users\nisgupta\AppData\Local\Temp\tcres127040E6127EC7.tmp. Error: Cannot create file "C:\Users\nisgupta\Documents\TestComplete 14 Projects\IS\CBT\Student\WOAHOLD\CBT WOAHOLD-002 Student Page Holds Search\HSC\Win 10\FF 32 64 bit\CBT WOAHOLD Student\Log\6_20_2019_8_32 AM_15_482\{73B2EC06-E145-424A-8CAB-2016B2074D37}\{17F8413B-09E7-4F85-86AE-F1CD22CE0963}". The system cannot find the path specified


Not sure what is causing this error?




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This sounds like a permissions error on the folder for the log files.  Are you using a source control tool like TFS or SVN or Git?  It's possible that the folder has been locked or write-protected in some way.

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