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There's a request for ETL validation from our data integration team.  I understand there are ETL tools in the marketplace.


Can TestComplete be used to build scripts to automate ETL testing?  Not sure if that's doable - anything is possible given time I surmise - but in this case does it make sense to utilize TC or better off using an ETL tool that's already available in the market place.

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Hi @gszerwbaird ,


As you may know, there are no built-in features for ETL testing in TestComplete as its main application is functional testing. However, TestComplete allows you to automate pretty much anything - interacting with applications and APIs, extracting data from DBs and files, etc.


Whether it makes sense to use TestComplete in your case depends on exactly what needs to be achieved, the environment specifics, time frames, team skills, etc. So, we would recommend checking out the tool to determine if it works for you.


Julia Bernikova
SmartBear Customer Care Manager - TestComplete
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