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TestComplete COM Object to control file locations at run time.

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TestComplete COM Object to control file locations at run time.

I have a automation framework currently that exectues QTP tests from an excel spreadsheet and passes certain parameter values into the executed test from the spreadsheet.

I have been attempting to integrate TC into a similar framework but the Test Complete COM object seems to be less flexible from what I can gather from teh help files.

I have a main script and several function libraries and would like to start TC using a excel macro and pass the names of the libraries to load into the test complete test at run time. Is this possible?

Also is it possible to have vbs libraries seperate from the test complete project?  For example having 5 libraries of functions in a seperate directory?

I'd like the Excel macros to do the following:

Start TC

Set the Path of the results logs

Load the external vbs library files

Execute the test

Can this be done?

Is it necessary to have the Test units, name mappings, external function libraries and results logs all in the same project folder?

Hi Paul,

I have replied to this query in the TestComplete section of the SQAforums portal:
Dmitry Nikolaev

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