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TestComplete Best Practices

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TestComplete Best Practices

Hi folks, I was wondering if any of you have Best Practices that you follow for TestComplete and testing in general. Such as the Hierarchy or Logical Grouping of your folders, (Project_Suite > Project > Sub Project etc), and Regression testing, Name Mapping, Scripting, Keyword Tests, DDT, BDD, Version Control (SVN, Git) and anything else you might have created over time for Best Practices. 


We're basically creating a QA/QC dept. from the ground up and are looking for the voices of experience...and reason. Thank you in advance for all of your help.

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Project/Project suite: One project per product, all collected together under one project suite. Try to share as many common files as possible between projects as possible (Add Existing Item)

Git: Yes

Name Mapping: it sucks if multiple people are changing it. Share one copy of name mapping across all projects if multiple projects need the same name mapping

Keyword Testing: We tend to avoid, scripting is way more flexible


Best practices: Wait for things to happen, don't use arbitrary delays (avoids flakiness)

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Here are some more best practices


Name mapping is indeed a pain with more than one person working from same one, but the process that I've used is to merge it on a regular schedule (say every two weeks).  All the team gives their name mapping files to one person who does the merge and creates a master name mapping in an empty project.  Give that name mapping back to the team to make sure it works for everyone and adjust if necessary.  When that master is good, commit it and then everyone works from that one going forward.  Do the merge inside TestComplete, don't use git or other merge or you will have a mess.


Always always always back up your name mapping file before you try something new.  Always.


Keyword tests are useful for new learners and for getting code that you can't quite figure out in a script.  Take advantage of the "Convert to script" feature.


Ask lots of questions on the forum, even if you think they're too simple.  You aren't the first new user and you won't be the last and there will be someone else who will learn from your post.  We are happy to help and we've all been where you are.  Better to ask than to spend hours being frustrated.  🙂



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