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TestComplete 15 - Project Migration from 14 - Execution Plan - Missing Parameters column

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TestComplete 15 - Project Migration from 14 - Execution Plan - Missing Parameters column

I've recently started migrating my TestComplete 14 project to TestComplete 15.  When accessing the Execution Plan for my project, the "Parameters" column is missing from both the grid & in the "Field Chooser" "Customization" popup.


I've tried to restore default docking, closing and relaunching TestComplete, but still unable to get it to show.  Is this a known issue and will it be fixed soon?


My current work around is to change default parameters on my keyword test and then add it.  This is very time consuming when it comes to Keyword Tests with several parameters.  



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See if this helps.  If not, I would ask Support directly at


If a column with the desired test item’s property is hidden, to make it visible, right-click anywhere on the editor, click Field Chooser, and then drag the needed column from the resulting list to the page.

You can customize the column layout. For example, you can reorder or hide some columns. For more information, see Arranging Columns, Lines, and Panels.





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Thanks Marsha!


@Mitch does this help? Please let the Community know!

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