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TestComplete(14.20) stops responding when connecting to Android device

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TestComplete(14.20) stops responding when connecting to Android device



I've been using TestComplete 12 and now 14 to test on Android with no issues. However after updating to TestComplete 14.20 yesterday I ran into problems and was wondering if anyone has seen something similar?


As soon as I connect to an Android device, TestComplete stops responding for around 5 seconds. When it starts responding and I click to do an action on the phone, TestComplete stops responding again for 5-10 seconds. This behavior will continue until I close the mobile screen window.


When running an Android test without having the mobile on screen it is also super slow an unresponsive. Some steps like for example opening the app on the device will take 1-2 minutes.


All this is even before I open the instrumented app on the phone. When I do that, the behavior is the same.


iOS runs normally.


I've tried the following:

  • Using a different phone, both running Android 9 though
  • Updating the Android platform tools (Wondered if it was a problem with ADB but it seems to run fine. The screen sharing program Vysor for Android also runs as usual.)
  • Connecting to a phone without a TestComplete project open

I've downgraded to TestComplete 14.10, so I can continue working and it runs all fine again.


Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

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I suggest contacting Support directly with your question.  Here's the link:

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I've tried updating to 14.20 again. Now it suddenly works.


I suspect that our companies safety policies and Windows Defender might have something to do with it. I could see that the process was using a lot of resources the last time I installed 14.20. Now it’s not and it works.


Case closed.

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