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TestComplete 12 and Visual Studio 2017 Integration: tests explorer empty

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TestComplete 12 and Visual Studio 2017 Integration: tests explorer empty



I use TestComplete 12 and Visual Studio 2017 with TFS 2013.

I wrote Tests with TestComplete IDE, then I create a Visual Studio Project and I add the TestComplete Tests with the smartbear add-in.

Everything worked fine: I could launch testcomplete Tests with Visual Studio, I could launch testcomplete tests with MTM (Microsoft Test Manager) and TestExecute on a remote PC.

but... my hard disk has crashed...


So I reinstalled all the products:

- testcomplete

- visual studio 2017

- testcomplete integration in visual studio


When I open my project in Visual Studio, I can see the TestComplete add-in and my project looks OK.

But the window Test Explorer (Explorateur de test in french) is always empty.
Before my crash, I had the list of all my tests and i could launch them.

So I can't lauch TestComplete tests from Visual Studio.


I try to reinstall Visual Studio, TestComplete, TestComplete integration...but nothings work.


Do you have some tips for me ?


Thank you ,









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I would contact Support directly for this one.  You can use this link:

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