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TestComplete 11 can't launch Chrome

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TestComplete 11 can't launch Chrome

Currently running:


Windows 7 Enterprise, 64-bit Service Pack 1 (6.1 Build 7601)

TestComplete 11.11.1064.7

Chrome  46.0.2490.80 m


As the title says, TestComplete can't launch Chrome. If Chrome is already open, it can manipulate the pages, navigate to URLs, and verify that fields contain the right values. I've verified the TestComplete Extension is installed and enabled, and tried several help/support articles, but nothing seems to work.


It doesn't have a problem launching Firefox or IE though.

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I have the exact same setup and have no problems launching Chrome. I did notice that the TC plug-in for Chrome that I had installed was still for version 10, so I had to disable that one and enable the TC version 11 plug-in first before Chrome would launch.


How are you launching Chrome?

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Just verified the extension is for version 11.


As for how I'm launching Chrome, I've tried it both through the scripts 


and then I've tried the KeywordTests RunBrowser command.


I even recorded an entire keywordtest (launch browser, navigate to url, login) to verify that everything was working. Only part of that script that failed was the opening of the browser, otherwise it seemed to be working as intended.

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By any chance, did you reinstall or update Chrome after installing TestComplete? The below is from TC's help


Since version 25, Chrome disables all third-party extensions upon installation or update. This is done to reduce the number of extensions that affect Chrome’s functionality and performance.


Since TestComplete interacts with Google Chrome via the TestComplete Chrome Extension, the latter is disabled as well. Therefore, in order to perform web testing in Chrome ver. 25 and later, you need to enable the extension manually

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Nope, haven't had to reinstall or update Chrome and I double checked the extension:

10-30-2015 12-50-12 PM.png

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Not sure what could be happening. My only recommendation would be to follow the manual force install instructions for the extension and see if that helps.

Using TC11.11, Chrome 46 and VBScript the following:


Set OWS = CreateObject("Wscript.Shell")
OWS.Run "chrome.exe --new-window file://PathToControlPage/page.html"


Works perfectly for me.


Starts Chrome, and loads a control page I have stored in the project so I can identify the newly opened browser. (I open all new browser instances with a control page so I can always find the new one as I sometimes run muliple browsers in a test. As soon as the new browser is found, it will navigate off the control page and into the project leaving the way clear to find the next one opened ...)

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Hi Jkutil,


Let me quote the Run article here:

If the specified browser is already running in the system, the method posts a warning message to the test log.


I suppose this is exactly what is happening on your computer. Refer to the “Checking if Browser Is Running” ( ) article to learn the ways to avoid this warning.

Tanya Yatskovskaya
SmartBear Community and Education Manager

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I've tried that and I can successfully close Chrome (as well as other browsers), but the problem still remains that from scripts and keyword tests that I am unable to open Chrome.


For reference, here are 2 screenshots of the basic keyword test I'm trying:


11-3-2015 9-15-44 AM.png



11-3-2015 9-15-52 AM.png


The Additional Info for the first error are as follows:

An error occurred while accessing the "Close" method or property of the "BrowserWindow" object.
The object or one of its parent objects was not found.

Object Whose Method or Property Was Accessed

Name mapping item:NameMapping.Sys.browser.BrowserWindow

Object That Was Not Found

Name mapping item:NameMapping.Sys.browser.BrowserWindow

Click the link above to view and configure mapping settings for the missing object.

Learn about possible causes of the error



I assume the Object wasn't found because it was just closed, but the condition in the While loop still says that it exists.













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I got similar issue, too. In my case, I couldn't use object spy to get a control. 


The same setup for two computers, but one computer works perfect, another not. 


I have gone through all supports for chrome settings, TestComplete Chrome Extension.... but it doesn't help.



Everytime, I try to browser an object, I got message "Message - TestComplete Chrome Extension is not Installed or is Disabled.




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