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Test results

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Test results

Is there a DB or storage where te test results are stored, I know Log folders is there but the arrangements in Log folder for any individual test case is very confusing, there is no file that displays the overall status of the test cases along with each test steps.


Which is the single test result file that will display all the details of a test case


Hi @shubham1 


You can use the summary report for this. 


This will details all the test cases which ran/passed/failed/passed with a warning/didnt execute. 


You can also export it manually or via script routine to another directory. 


See here for details





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I want to get the report with individual test case execution details, exporting summary report doesnot contain details at steps level.

I want to fetch details of each test case that ran in an execution. I want that report externally in any format which can be visible without opening test complete

Hi @shubham1 


Yes this does exactly what you want. 


When opening the report you will see the summary section. 


That gives you a high level overview. 


Then in the log details section it provides a more granular breakdown on test level and a step level in test. 


It can be exported in MHT/HTML and opened in a browser(TC is not required) 




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Hi @shubham1 ,


try using aqtestcase methods (aqTestCase.Begin(), aqTestCase.End()).

the logic is that you have to include "aqTestCase.Began() and aqTestCase.End()" in between start and end accordingly for your script test, so that TestComplete treates that as a testcase and a seperate entry will get added in your log summary for each test and also add step to export the log after each aqTestCase.End() method.



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Thank you for helping, everyone!


@shubham1 does this help?

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