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Test Object Not Found


I am new to the Forum. I am currently using TC v7.52. What I'm trying to do is automate one of our web applications. I record my test ok...but when I Run My Test, I get the error, "Test Object Not Found".

Does anyone have this problem? Do I need to name map the object? HELP!

Hi Anne,

This is a common problem. Not all recorded scripts can be executed successfully without any changes. This happens due to some peculiarities of the application under test. Especially, this is actual for web applications as TC cannot handle the execution of internal scripts. To solve the problem, try using the following approaches (one by one or combine them):

1. Call the Page.Wait method right before the line that causes the error.

2. Use the WaitNamedChild (WaitAliasChild) method to wait until the necessary object becomes available.

3. Call the RefreshMappingInfo method to refresh the mapping information right before the problematic line.

4. Finally, try the Delay(10000) method before the problematic line to delay the execution for 10 seconds. This will give TC time to recognize objects in your application.

TestComplete Customer Care Engineer

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