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Test Complete execution through Jenkins - Database issue

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Test Complete execution through Jenkins - Database issue



I have configured Test complete plugin in Jenkins and able to execute the test cases properly, if the script does not have any database queries. If there is a database query, It is waiting for infinite time. 

The same configuration works in colleague's machine properly and When I execute the test case directly from Test complete, it works fine. 


Could you please let me know the issue and work around. 




The issue is resolved now. The problem was, We use Test Complete 32-bit for our execution and Database driver is also 32-bit. But Jenkins is launching Test Complete 64-bit. Hence Database is not connected. When I redirected it to use 32-Bit test complete, we are able to execute the test case properly. 

Thank you all. 


Glad to hear it!  Yup, that has "burned" many people since TC included the 64-bit version.  Bit-ness is a very important piece to keep in mind.

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