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Test Complete cannot launch Edge (Chromium-based) browser


Test Complete cannot launch Edge (Chromium-based) browser



I  cannot launch Microsoft Edge (chromium-based, Version 90.0.818.56 (Official build) (64-bit)) using Test Complete. I kept on getting the error below:

An internal error occurred while running the Microsoft Edge browser.
Details: Unspecified error
Other browsers were fine.
I saw a similar post - "Unspecified error" when trying to launch Microsoft Edge browser - but the issue was supposed to be solved by updating to the recent version of TC, which I did (currently using v of TC) but still I am getting the error.
I have gone through Preparing Edge for Web Testing but got the same error still.
Hoping anyone can help me out.
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the other suggestion I made in that previous post was to contact Support directly - that's still a good idea

@Marsha_R yes, I also wrote an email to the Support. I was thinking that the forum might offer something.


Below is the fix that Support gave:

  1. Run Code Snippet operations to perform the Browsers.Item(btEdge).RunOptions = "--do-not-de-elevate" assignment.
  2. Run Script Routine with the following function
    1. br = Browsers.Item(btEdge);

      br.RunOptions = "--do-not-de-elevate";


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What happened when you tried what Support suggested?

I tried and am now using the code snippet, it works fine. 🙂

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