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Test Complete- Wait and scroll queries

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Test Complete- Wait and scroll queries



I have few queries on Functional web testing. Could you please provide solutions for below queries.

1. How to add wait in between steps?

2. Script is geeting failed sometime due to below error:

There was an attempt to perform an action at a point, which is beyond the screen. 17:45:54 Normal 21.57.

3. How to add scroll step in between steps?

4. How to capture text(Example: Random generate number) and use it in different script as a variable?

5. How to modify existing steps if the step was wrong?


Thanks in advance.

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Hi @HarishN123 


Welcome to the forum!  I'll go ahead and address all these for you here, but next time it would be helpful if you post different questions separately so others can search for them later on.  


Here we go!


1)  You can use Delay in between steps, but a more specific way is to use a Wait method


2) The line that is failing here is probably using coordinates to see an object instead of the object name and coordinates can change for a variety of reasons.  Change this line to address the object directly and see if that works for you.


3) Here's some information about scrolling


4) Here's some information about Project Variables.  Every script in a project can share these.


5) You can double click on an error in the log to take you to the line that failed in the editor.  Make any changes you need there and save them.  


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What a great answer! Thank you Marsha!

Sonya Mihaljova
Community and Education Specialist

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