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[TC7] Increasing number of GDI handles during test execution.

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[TC7] Increasing number of GDI handles during test execution.


 I am testing a program which has some minor memory leaks (in a 3rd party component which we can't fix that easily).

When I was executing the tests with my old TestComplete 4 everything went fine and in the end the program had 5.000 open GDI handles. Now we upgraded to TestComplete 7.52.678.5 and the program crashes when half of the tests are executed because it reaches the limit of 10.000 open GDI handles (WinXP won't allow more handles per process).

Any ideas how to solve this problem?



Hello Peter,

Can you try using TestComplete 8? Does the problem occur with it?

Could you provide us with your application so we can investigate the behavior here? If you can provide us with the application or with a sample application with the problematic control demonstrating the problem, please contact us via the Contact Support form.
Dmitry Nikolaev

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