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TC thinks of popup menu on a text box.


TC thinks of popup menu on a text box.

Not long after I sorted an Object.Saves() method issue, I came across a strange issue where when a test is running in anything near my "titleTextBox" object TC comeback with an error of "Cannot obtain the popup menu".


I also have tried to contact TC support which they come back saying:


"It looks like the PopupMenu property is also checked in the Objects collection as a property you need to save. In this case, what happens is the following: TestComplete inspects the checked properties in order to save their values, but the PopupMenu property is null (which is expected when the popup menu is opened) and its value cannot be saved to Objects. So, the error you refers to the object's property, it doesn't mean the object itself is a popup menu. To see whether this is the case, I suggest that you check the list of checked properties and remove PopupMenu from there if it's checked. Does this help?"


Well, one, I couldn't really find and remove this 'checked' PopupMenu property from? I have screenshots where, i'd thought I could unchecked it but to no avail. I have made sure PopupMenu isn't selected when trying to add a new Object in TC's Stores. see image.


stuck - its working ok when 'Stop on error' option is switched off and results are as expected too - it's just a bit messy with red error crosses in test log.


any advise appreciated.



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Did you report your results to Support?  That would be the first thing to do.

hey @Marsha_R


yes i have done so indeed on friday afternoon - just had a reply aerlier today.


looks like there is something going on with Test Complete as there is no PopupMenu property selected on a particular Object i am working with - yet TC still trying to invoke the Popoup Menu.


They have offer to have a meeting to see whats is going on.


i will update the situation in this article once i have got an answer.





Just had a GoToMeeting with TestComplete support staff - it seems that this is something to do with the App i was testing.


Although - As i understand it, they will look at this and escalate it to their developer and will get back to me as soon as it's been looked at.


In the meanwhile, a workaround is to create error handler built into the project.


function GeneralEvents_OnLogError(Sender, LogParams)
  //if TC throw the usual "Cannot obtain the popup menu on the title text box object
  if (LogParams.MessageText == "Cannot obtain the popup menu.")
    //ignore the error and dont log it in Test Log.
    LogParams.Locked = true;

Will be using this for a while, i think, as the error is not a show stopper.



Thanks to the superb Support from SmartBear - they have identified the issue on my original post and will implement the fix in a future release (not ver.12.42). A news has been handed to me that...


"...The developers have finished their investigation and found the cause of the problem. The fix will be included in one of the future releases (not TestComplete 12.42 as it'll be released soon, within a week or so). The developers will also create a patch for you to fix this issue, just let us know what TestComplete version it should apply to, TestComplete 12.40 or maybe do you plan to upgrade to TestComplete 12.41?..."



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