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TC report an error " Unexpected window: '' " for one normal subobject.


TC report an error " Unexpected window: '' " for one normal subobject.

     Like the pic, it report an error for unexpected window, but it don't trigger my events llike last unexpected window,

And the unpxected point to "

Sys.Process("Inventor").WPFObject("HwndSource: MiniFrameBorder", "", 1)

" that belongs to my tested app. But If last waring unexpected window don't appear, the error unexpected window won't appear.

So my question how to handle the second error unexpected window?

And it's my events:


Sub GeneralEvents_OnUnexpectedWindow(Sender, Window, LogParams)

Call Log.Picture(Window, "Screen image", "This image was added to TestLog from the GeneralEvents_OnUnexpectedWindow procedure")
Log.Warning "Unexpected Window",, pmNormal
If Window.WndClass = "#32770" Then
If Window.waitWindow("Button","&Yes",,5000).Exists Then Window.waitWindow("Button","&Yes",,5000).Click
If Window.waitWindow("Button","&OK",,5000).Exists Then Window.waitWindow("Button","&OK",,5000).Click

End If

End Sub




" If Window.WndClass = "#32770" Then " was commented and should be deleted.

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While it is good to know that you've solved the problem, I would pay attention to the 'The action may be performed incorrectly...' warning and improve test code to handle this properly.


As a note: OnUnexpectedWindow event is triggered when test code tries to activate some window but fails to do this because the window cannot be activated (i.e. put in front of user) due to be overlapped by another application- or system-modal window.


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Thanks, the issue still exists in my project. But for your information, I know how to trigger the unexpected window. Maybe tested App has conflict with Testcomplete. I will work on it to solve.

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