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TC doesn't find KeywordTests after renaming

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TC doesn't find KeywordTests after renaming

I renamed and re-structured all keyword tests in my project. After restarting, TestComplete can't find these tests anymore. In the Windows File Explorer I can see, that the tests were renamed in the KeywordTests.tcKDT file. In the Keyword-Test folder the files were also renamed. But aparently they were not renamed in the subordinate .mds file.
In TestComplete's Project Explorer the tests are shown as unavailable, still in the old structure and with old names.

I guess that's a bug. But what can I do about it to avoid having to edit the .mds file manually?


Edit: I use Git, but it's not linked to TestComplete. When opening TC, I get the message "The Git executable was not found". I said "Work without Git".

Thanks in advance

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No - I purposely caused the issue by renaming the file so that TestComplete can not find the file. I was just providing an example of how to go about checking and possibly fixing the issue.


* I didn't rename the file using TestComplete

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