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TC does not recognise objects in Frames.

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TC does not recognise objects in Frames.

Object spy could only recognise a Frame but not the objects in the frame.


I get the "false" when i run below code even though I could still see objects in DOM.

page = Sys.Browser("chrome").Page("*");
obj = page.Find("className","btn btn-main btn-lg");

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Please make sure that you have followed all the steps here:


and then try your test again.



Yes, i did try that but still the same result.


Please let me remind you, TC recognises all other elements in the webpage but just not the elements in the FRAME's.

Yes, I read your post.  Missing objects is sometimes a symptom of not having done the setup properly.


Try recording a test that includes using those objects and see what TestComplete names them.   Give us a screen shot of that please.

Smart bear advised me to try ""C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe" --disable-web-security --disable-site-isolation-trials --user-data-dir=c:\chrome_test_user"  which did work, i think it was "Site isolation"  part which fixed it. Now i can access emelemts in Frames.

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