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TC-7 cannot recognize DIFFERENT InputBoxes (when more than 1 InputBox in Dialog)

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TC-7 cannot recognize DIFFERENT InputBoxes (when more than 1 InputBox in Dialog)


I test the BETA-version of Graphical Engineering Station (Black Box).

TC = 7.52-trail version.    TC lang.= VBScript.    Application=C++, using Codejock SoftWare.

TC does not recognize DIFFERENT Input-boxes in Dialog Windows (when I have more than one Input-box in Dialog).

But TC can recognize other controls. Dialogs were written on C++ only.

Example: we have a task to enter “1” into the 1st input-box, and then enter “2” into the 2nd input-box.

TC has generated the following code:

Sub Test1

  Dim edit

  Set edit = Aliases.SimClient.dlg.Edit

  Call edit.Click(46, 11)

  edit.wText = "1"

  Call edit.Click(48, 11)

  edit.wText = "2"

End Sub

RESULT: “1” was entered into the 1st input-box, and then “2” was entered into the 1st input-box instead of “1”.


At the same time, other controls are OK (TC numbers them or uses their names).

Example: we have the task to select an items in 2 list-boxes:

Sub Test2

  Dim dlgAnimation

  Set dlgAnimation = Aliases.SimClient.dlg

  Call dlgAnimation.ListBox2.ClickItem("[Electric]")

  Call dlgAnimation.ListBox.ClickItem("EL_AVR_EXC.bmp")

End Sub


I wrote the manual script with the numbering of input-boxes:

Sub Test3

  Dim dlgROTATE

  Dim edit

  Set dlgROTATE = Aliases.SimClient.dlg

  Set edit = dlgROTATE.Edit

  Call edit.Click(61, 😎

  edit.wText = "1"

  Set edit = dlgROTATE.Edit1

  Call edit.Click(29, 12)

  edit.wText = "2"

End Sub

But it does not work. Log-Report: 'Unable to find the object Edit1.'    

Could you, please, help me?

Thank you in advance.



The problem is in Name Mapping - all input boxes meet the same recognition criteria. To overcome this, you need to use indexes to distinguish among them. Either map each input box manually and use its Index property when mapping to recognize it, or avoid using Name Mapping at all. If you choose the second approach, you'll be able to use code like this:


Set wnd = Aliases.SimClient.dlg

wnd.Window("Edit", "*", 1).wText = "1"

wnd.Window("Edit", "*", 2).wText = "2"


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